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DS1 Delay / Sequencer
DS1 Delay / Sequencer
Our Price: $156.00

The DS1 delay/sequencer board offers a switching network that is ideal for (de)energizing an electrified locking device then, after an adjustable time, activating an automatic door operator. It is also suitable for other timing functions such as door sequencing in one or both directions, or anywhere a timing relay is required. For Telephone Entry system applications, the DS1 offers a direct connection to the entry panel, simplifying wiring and eliminating the need for and isolating relay.

   Bi-Directional sequencing mode
   3 Adjustable delays, up to 30 seconds maximum
   Easy potentiometer adjustments
   LEDs for visual relay confirmation
   Accepts wet or dry inputs
   12 to 24V AC/DC
   One shot design for security or maintained output for smoke evac
   SPDT contacts rated at 3Amps @ 30VDC
   Input for connection to phone
   No hassle 3-Year Warranty


   Size - 3 ¼” x 2 ¼” x ¾”
   Mounting - Velcro or double-sided tape
   Enclosure - Protective paper sleeve
   Operating voltage - 12 / 24 Volts, AC / DC
   Current Draw - 18 mA standby, 40 mA max
   Response time - 0.3 seconds
   Inputs - 2 Wet + 2 Dry contacts: (3-30 V AC/DC, Optically isolated, non-polarity sensitive)
   Relay Output - 2 x Form C (SPDT)
   Relay contact rating - 3 amps @ 20 VDC
   Time Delays - DOR #1 1 to 30 seconds; DOO #2 1 to 30 seconds; DOR #2 1 to 30 seconds
   Electrical Life - 100,000 operations @ rated capacity; 500,000 operations @ ½ rated capacity
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VD2 Input / Output Board for PS873
VD2 Input / Output Board for PS873
Our Price: $160.00

Recently Von Duprin has discontinued the PS873 power supply and the add-on boards associated with that power supply. Command Access has developed a replacement board manufactured with similar characteristics to PS871-2 board. The new VD2 board mounts to the PS873 in the same fashion as the factory original PS871-2 board.

   Solid-State Design
   (2) I/Os w/ Priority Sensing
   Euro Style Connectors
   No hassle 3-Year Warranty
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PM300 Power Module
PM300 Power Module
Our Price: $164.00

The patented PM300 power booster module is an interface module that connects between the solenoid circuit of a latch-pullback exit device and the power supply. The PM series modules have been offering a reliable, cost-effective interface solution for exit devices for nearly a decade. The PM300 series modules integrate all the upgrades and improvements we’ve made over the years and are available for nearly all exit device applications.

Over the past decade our customers have discover different uses for this module which include the following:

Allows a solenoid-driven exit device to be used with a lower cost power supply - The PM300 provides a local power boost and will work with most 1.5 A or greater, 24VDC, non-switching power supplies, eliminating the need for the expensive “specialty” power supply.

Longer wire runs from the power supply to the exit device – Since the PM300 is the located in the exit device the allowable distance between the power supply and the exit device without compromising the performance of the device increases significantly

Gives a needed boost to an anemic power supply/exit device installation – For various reason our customers have encountered conditions where the PM300 saves the day! The anemic conditions could be due to marginal power supply, minor device binding, too small of gauge wire run, too long of a wire run to name a few.

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